US Toy Manufacturing - 2005 to 2016

Week 39 Dataset and Historical Background

Posted by David Velleca on November 26, 2018

Historical Background

The earliest known toys, that is objects made for the explicit purpose of play, have been dated to more than 4,000 years old. From a simple stone doll head, toys have been evolving since that time (and probably before it as well). From stone to wood to the newest plastics and electronics, toys have typically been on the cutting edge of the latest technology.

As with most manufactured goods, the push to drive profits necessitates a low total cost of goods. The trend towards manufacturing goods overseas has seen some industries lose almost all of their domestic manufacturing. The dataset this week looks at the number of toy and doll manufacturers by states from 2005 to 2016, courtesy of the US Census Bureau.

This is another relatively simple dataset, but I think there should be plenty of insights hiding in the simplicity. We'd love to see what you can uncover! Download the data and see what you can do. Create your viz and post your work to Tableau Public and Twitter with the hashtag #ThrowbackDataThursday, tagging @TThrowbackThurs. We'd really love to see what you can come up with!

Data Source

This week's dataset comes from U.S. Census Bureau. Please be sure to cite the source on your viz.