Nobel Prize 1901 to 2017

Week 3 Viz

Posted by David Velleca on March 22, 2018

Data Storytelling

There were several 'slicers' that could be applied to this data set - Prize, gender, age, country of birth, etc. I used these to show the data, with a set of BANs (Big A** Numbers) at the top of the viz to drive interactivity. Clicking on one of the Prizes filters the other vizzes on the dashboard to show only the pertinent data.

Data Viz Approach

Pretty straightforward this week. A chloropleth map to show the number of Laureates by birth country. This viz has a viz in tooltip to show the number of Laureates by Prize for the specified country. The majority of the remaining vizzes (with the exceptions of the BANs) were all bar graphs, with color indicating the Prize type. Though I loathe them, I thought a crosstab was a nice touch to be able to show the details of the Laureates.

Calculated Fields

Just a few this week. A couple to stitch some text together for tooltips, and the third to calculate the number of Laureates regardless of Prize. This was a Level of Detail calc that was used for the map.