Lego Sets 1950 - 2017

Week 6 Dataset

Posted by Jonathan Leek on April 12, 2018
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Man, I love Lego.

I assume most nerds do. These magical colored blocks have entertained and educated for generations. Few brands can boast the extreme levels of recognition and loyalty as Lego, and with good reason. The toys are colorful, creative, and subject to truly ludicrous levels of QA and engineering. This should be good.

Historical Background

Founded in 1932, The Lego Company employees close to 20,000 people in 42 offices and factories around the world, and holds over 600 US design patents, focused primarily on their deceptively simple plastic building bricks. Those bricks are the focus of our dataset today, a database of sets and pieces compiled by Rebrickable, a site devoted to the toys. The data goes back to 1950, almost the start of the company.

This data represents only one way to look at the bricks; those of you feeling particularly motivated might try combining this data with set price data , but I'll just be looking at this dataset for now.

Data Source

This week's dataset comes from