The Artwork of Leonardo da Vinci

Week 16 Viz

Posted by David Velleca on June 24, 2018

Data Storytelling

Short on time this week, so a pretty simple viz. It took nearly as long to pull down all of the images of Leonardo's work as it did to create the viz. Three distinct worksheets on the dashboard. First is an interactive timeline using shapes and color to indicate the type of artwork. Clicking on any of the marks filters the two vizzes below. The first is a worksheet using shapes to display an image of the artwork. To make this easy, I named each file with the ID of the artwork from the dataset, then simply put ID on Shapes on the Marks card and assigned the IDs to the custom shape palette. I created a case statement to assign an URL to each work, driving a click URL action to take the user to a larger version of the image. The final viz is a text based worksheet that uses some calculated fields to account for nulls in the data. Overall, a pretty simple viz.

We've got a short turn around this week. Going forward, we'll be publishing datasources and the historical backgrounds on Mondays, allowing for a longer amount of time before the actual #ThrowbackThursday hits. Hope to see some awesome vizzes in the coming weeks!

Data Source

The dataset this week was sourced from Wikipedia, with several individual citations on the page. Due to the lack of records from the time of Leonardo da Vinci, attributions and dates of works are based off of evidence and analysis by Leonardo experts, scholars and biographers. The data source includes only known extant works completed by (or attributed to be completed by) Leonardo during his lifetime. Please be sure to cite the source on your viz.