US National Park Visits - 1979 to 2017

Week 20 Viz

Posted by David Velleca on July 22, 2018

Data Storytelling and Data Viz Approach

Just a quick post this week. I wanted to look at a few things - when the Parks were established, where the Parks are located and the number of visitors. To achieve my look at when the Parks were established, I used a step chart that shows the running count of National Parks. Hovering over any of the points on the chart will provide information about which parks were established in that selected year via a Viz in Tooltip.

I created a custom map in MapBox to get the color palette I wanted, and used the NPS logo as a shape to denote the locations of each Park. Finally, I used an area chart to show the number of visitors per year. This viz can be filtered by interacting with either (or both) of other vizzes on the dashboard. I used some calculated fields to make both the viz title and tooltip clear as to which park, or number of parks, the visits are for.

I hope you enjoyed this viz. Our next dataset will be up soon!

Data Source

The visitor data in this week's dataset was sourced from the National Park Service. The master data for each park was pulled from Wikipedia, from a variety of original sources. Please be sure to cite the source on your viz.