United States Recorded Music Revenue by Format

2019 Week 10 Viz

Posted by David Velleca on March 7, 2019

Data Storytelling

When I saw Ken Flerlage's post about creating Joy Plots in Tableau, I knew that I needed to find the right data source to use for this unique visualization. I thought this week's data source was an acceptable candidate for this chart. I'm pretty happy with the outcome!

The ability to create a separate area chart per recording format allows easily allows the user to compare the revenue differences over time. I chose to use the inflation adjusted revenue to keep the comparison consistent over time. The viz clearly shows the rise and fall of cassettes, the dominance of CD's in the late 90's and the digital age. You can also see how vinyl is making a small comeback.

There are sure to be some interesting trends in this data. We'd really love to see what you can do with this week's dataset! Download the data and see what you can visualize. Create your viz and post your work to Tableau Public and Twitter with the hashtag #ThrowbackDataThursday, tagging @TThrowbackThurs. We're really looking forward to seeing what the Tableau Community can come up with!

Data Source

This week's dataset comes from the RIAA. Please be sure to cite the source on your viz.

Data Notes

Please note the following caveats pulled directly from the RIAA source regarding the data:

  1. Values are at recommended or estimated list price. Formats with no retail value equivalent included at wholesale price
  2. SoundExchange Distributions are estimated payments in dollars to performers and copyright holders for digital radio services under statutory licenses
  3. Paid Subscription includes streaming, tethered, and other paid subscription services not operating under statutory licenses.
  4. Limited Tier Paid Subscription includes streaming services with interactivity limitations by availability, device restriction, catalog limitations, on demand access, or other factors
  5. On-Demand Streaming includes ad-supported audio and music video services not operating under statutory licenses
  6. Other Ad-supported Streaming includes revenues paid directly for statutory services that are not distributed by SoundExchange and not included in other streaming categories
  7. Kiosk includes Singles and Albums
  8. Synchronization Royalties include fees and royalties from synchronization of sound recordings with other media
  9. Ringtones & Ringbacks includes Master Ringtunes, Ringbacks, and prior to 2013 Music Videos, Full Length Downloads, and Other Mobile
  10. Other Tapes includes reel-to-reel and quadraphonic
  11. Other Digital includes other digital music licensing